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OWB 1.15

Beitragvon roschmyr » 29 Okt 2011, 13:48

Fabien 'Fab' Coeurjoly hat die Version 1.15 des MorphOS-Ports vom Odysses Web Browser veröffentlicht.

Was ist neu seit 1.14
    - 28.10.2011: Odyssey Web Browser 1.15
    - Updated to WebKit r98566 (October 2011).
    - Tabs are now detachable when dropped outside of the window. They can also be
    attached to another existing window by dropping them on the target window
    webview/tab group.
    - Added an new autoscroll mode when doubleclicking middle mouse button (click
    button again to abort).
    - Added GETTITLE REXX command.
    - Updated a couple useragents.
    - Improved dragimage for selected text. It now looks 1:1 like selected content.
    - Make sure search suggestion poplist is closed when the search string is
    - Made AltGr key work in googledocs.
    - Applied a patch to prevent mydrive.ch from hanging when uploading.
    - Threading layer reworked so that a task uses only one signal for all its
    child threads.It avoids "out of exec signal" situations that prevented
    from running more than 3-4 mediaplayer instances at the same time.
    - Restore video fullpage/overlay mode after switching a webview to
    fullscreen/window mode.
    - Hide panels when switching a webview to fullscreen mode and restore state
    when switching back.
    - Make sure all media elements instances are disposed when closing a
    webview (WebKit would sometimes forget some).
    - When running out of memory, the "death requester" now also gives the choice
    between retrying the allocation (giving a chance to free some memory from
    another application) or attempting to quit the application (it might just fail!).
    - Fixed YouTube HTML5 fullscreen mode (Youtube_Fullscreen_Fix.js).
    - Updated youtube.js.

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