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SoundBankster 1.4

Beitragvon roschmyr » 17 Jun 2015, 15:27

SoundBankster, ein Audio-Mixer Anwendung für DJ-Enthusiasten steht zum sofortigen Download bereit.

Neu seit der letzten Veröffentlichung:

    - Made the beat detection feature working. It seems the 1.3 release is
    totally broken here. :)
    - Added right mouse button handling when dragging track.
    - Added some triangle to current position vertical bar to make it more
    - Added a marker to see the Cue point in the waveform navigator.
    - Fixed the Sync function. A missing notification made the whole stuff
    not working straight as it should. Sync was working only if the track
    had been previously processed and BPM/Cue point saved.
    - Added some helper for finding the track BPM. x2, /2, +1, -1 BPM and a
    rounding function to the closed integer.
    - Added 1/32 and 1/16 loop size.
    - Optimized the display of the remaining time by only updating the
    display when time changes. Saved 1% CPU from main SoundBankster task.

    - Fixed beat detector feedback on UI that wasn't working at all. Sigh.

    - Back on track after 6 month pause...
    - Fixed display issue for beat bars not being displayed when moving
    the cue point with cue left/right buttons.
    - Cue point can't be negative. Cue point position capped >= 0.
    - Removed some mostly useless text fields in deck controller (loading
    time, track tempo, pitch %, computed tempo) by a single 'Playing Tempo'
    field which displays 'Track tempo * pitch value' ie. Track tempo is 120,
    pitch is set to 5%, Playing Tempo will be 120 * 1.05 = 126 BPM.
    - Reworked the time left to play text area. Updates when seeking in the

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