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ENGLISH: Bounty-Rules

Beitragvon insane » 06 Jul 2008, 12:59

Pegasosforum Bounty-Team ruleset v0.06 - Saturday, 26 July, 2008


These are the rules for the bounty system originated by
http://www.pegasosforum.de (from now on: PF). Most of them are inspired by or
taken from http://www.morphzone.org and adjusted to our needs.


1 How is a bounty submitted and accepted?

The person submitting the bounty has to write a description as new thread in the
"BountyBay" of the Pegasosforum, or send this to the Pegasosforum Bounty-Team.
The description has to include the goal, minimum requirements and optional
functions for the bounty. You get a template for this to fill out on request.

2 The minimum amount required to open a bounty is 25 EUR.

The proposed bounty will be reviewed by the Bounty-Team for approval and to
check whether it is accomplishable.

The board will then inform the author if his/her project is accepted, whether it
requires any changes to be accepted, or if it is rejected. If accepted, the
bounty status will be "opened" and published upon completion of the money

3 How does a developer take on a bounty?

First the status of the bounty must be opened. Then if a developer is interested
in taking on a bounty he can write a message in the specific bounty-thread or
send a mail to the Bounty-Team.

If more than one developer is interested in taking on a bounty the board will
discuss with them in order to decide on who is more appropriate to complete the
project. If the bounty is about adding new features to an already completed
bounty or another existing application the original developer will be preferred.

Working on a bounty is not limited to single developers. However, if a team of
developers is interested in completing a bounty, only one developer of the team
will have to contact the Bounty-Team and therefore manage the project and make
the payments to the other developers of his team.

Once the Bounty-Team and the developer have come to an agreement the bounty
status will be "assigned". For each assigned bounty, one member of the
Bounty-Team will stay in contact with the developer, so that he can e.g. write
status-updates in the specific bounty-thread on Pegasosforum.

The developer has to deliver a status-report once a month to make sure that the
development is going on.

4 What does the developer have to deliver?

The goal is to deliver a MorphOS native distribution/archive (namely containing
object files, documentation and installer script) as a solution to the taken
bounty that runs on MorphOS 1.4.5 or newer. This solution must be free to use
for all MorphOS users. Of course it must not violate any legal rights of other

Those distributions will be made available on Pegasosforum or Aminet. The
developer should provide his best effort to correct bugs and non OS-friendly
codes if suggested by the Bounty-Team.

In order to be able to maintain these distributions the developer will also have
to deliver the source code and build environment matching the binaries. A
standard makefile that works with the standard MorphOS SDK is preferred. The
code ownership will be granted to "Bounty-Team". If the author decided to keep
the app closed source the code will only be used if the author decides to give
up on it and no longer wishes to provide updates.

To maximize the chances of hiring developers MorphOS bounties will support both
open source and closed source. It is up to the developer to choose his license
mode according to his preferences as long as it does not interfere with the
Pegasosforum (PF) bounties rules requirements and with other components (i.e.
use of GPL code).

If he chooses a closed model his source will not be disclosed except in the
following situation:

The developer grants the PF Bounty-Team the ability to disclose the source code
at their own discretion in the following cases:

- If the original developer is unavailable to make the necessary changes when
his binaries are not working properly (e.g. with a new MorphOS release or in a
situation that was not be evaluated when the distribution was first tested).

- In the case where a new bounty is assigned to a new developer which would add
some features to a completed bounty.

The new developer will have the obligation to keep the source code closed and
will be obligated to restrict its use to the bounty.

4.1 General requirements to the bounties

All programs have to follow common criteria and MorphOS' operating system
standards, namely the following:

1) All user interfaces have to be based on MUI.
2) Every program has to come with complete locale support. English shall be
built-in while other languages might be provided.
3) Shell programs have to make use of the DOS template format to be fully usable
with "R".
4) Programs have to be either runnable from their own directory or be
installable via Installer which can be found inside Aminet at
5) Minimal requirement for the operability of the programs is MorphOS 1.4.5.

For single drivers/datatypes/Reggae classes and the like 1)-4) might be

Every bounty has to come with a minimum size of documentation to allow lesser
practised users to handle the application without any big efforts. Therefore the
archive must contain at least an English readme file that makes use of the
Aminet readme file format. Inside you shall list which additional libraries,
drivers and the like are needed to run the program. Format of additional
documentation can be freely chosen but has to be viewable with MorphOS 1.4.5
(e.g. plain text, HTML, AmigaGuide or PDF, as long as completely viewable with

Developers have to report a reasonable status update at least once a month to
the same day of the next month starting with the day when they took the bounty.
This is for preventing projects from falling behind so they can be reassigned in
case of need.

5 When will the payment be sent to the developer?

The developer has to send the distribution (archive containing binaries,
documentation and source code) for acceptance to the Bounty-Team at first.
Sources will remain internal to the Bounty-Team if the author wishes. In the
case of a closed source app the working binary is required.

Then, in the following week:

The Bounty-Team will check if the distribution reaches the goals. If the board
members do not have the necessary testing equipment (e.g. in case of a driver
development) they will ask the developer's permisssion for someone else to test

Then the source code will be reviewed by a developer of the Bounty-Team, to
ensure its future use on MorphOS. Again, if the author wants to keep it closed
source that's fine.

As soon as it is confirmed that everything is completed the board treasurer will
issue a payment to the developer. The preferred money-transfer is by using
PayPal, so a PayPal account is recommended to the developer. When PayPal is not
available, bank-transfer ist possible, too. In this case, a fee has to be paid
depending on the domicile of the deliverer of the bounty. Upon payment
confirmation the distribution (and source code in the case of open source) will
be made available.

6 What happens if a bounty can not be fulfilled ?

From time to time the members of the board will re-evaluate the overall
situation. If it is decided that a bounty has been opened for too long and has
no chance of being completed, we want to know what else we are allowed to do
with the donator's money.

You can choose between two options: Tell us an alternative bounty you would like
to donate for or choose to get your money back (In the 2nd case, we have to
deduct a small fee for PayPal). If the alternative bounty can not be fullfilled
too, we will shift the money in a general fund. This will be used for other/new
bounties of course.

IMPORTANT ! The only way to inform us about your selection is to fill out the
form "alternative Bounty / Cash Back ?" on the PayPal Donation Page. If you
don't make use of the form, we're not able to send your money back! It will be
transferred into the general fund then.

NB: This set of rules may be adjusted in the future as we encounter new issues
or if there are any questions that need clarifications. Our goal is to protect
the interests of both the contributors and the developers.

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